保險、簽證、打工 Insurance, VISA, Part time job


外國新生醫療保險  New International Students  Medical Insurance



Instruction :

New international students will be requested to purchase the international student insurance policy that costs NT$3,000 for the first semester, when arriving in Taiwan. The valid day of the insurance will begin when international students arrive in Taiwan and clear their expenses. PaymentNTD 3,000 for the first semester. 



全民健康保險  National Health Insurance (NHI)



Instruction :

According to National Health Law, Article 10, Item 2, and Article 11, Item 1 of Taiwan, international students staying in Taiwan for at least 6 months and holding Alien Residence Certificates (ARC) are eligible for and shall enroll in the National Health Insurance (NHI) Program. Students will have to pay the insurance premium during the registration each semester. The insurance fee for students enrolled in NHI is NT$4,494/semester (the premium rate is subjected to change). PaymentNT$4,494/semester.



外僑居留證Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)



Instruction :

The ARC serves as the ID card which prove international students’ resident status in Taiwan. For international students who did not apply for ARC extension, their residence will be ceased by the authorized agency, and they may be expelled from Taiwan. Payment NTD 1,000/year.



工作許可證Work Permit



1.    工作許可期間最長時間為6個月,除寒暑假外,每星期最長時數為16小時。

2.    無校外工作證經查學校或任何單位查獲者,立即遣返回國。

Instruction :

For international students who wish to work in Taiwan they are required to apply for and obtain the work permit before starting work. PaymentNTD 100 for six months.

1.    The period validity of a work permit is six months at most. The maximum working hours are 16 hours per week, except during summer and winter vacation.

2. Students found working outside the campus without the work permit can result im expel out of Taiwan.




The VISITOR VISA change to the RESIDENT VISA in Taiwan








If you get the RESIDENT VISA before come to Taiwan, you need not change your own VISA.

Instruction :

Foreign nationals, who have entered ROC with Visitor visas for the purpose of pursuing studies, must make for the necessary visa change into a RESIDENT VISA at the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs before the visitor expiration date. Foreigners who come to ROC with a VISA upon Arrival, with a VISA exemption, or with a VISA other than Student Status Visa can not ask for visa extension for purpose of pursuing education.


Application fee (only for reference due to rate changes) :

NT$ 2,200 (US$ 66) for single entry; NT$4,400 (US$132) for multiple entry. The Visa application fee is NT$4,323(US$131) for US citizens. An additional handling charge of NT800 shall apply to applications made in the ROC by visitor visa holders applying for change or replacement of visitor visa or resident visa. For foreign nationals from the countries with which the ROC has entered into reciprocal agreements, the Resident Visa is issued gratis.