學術資訊 Academic Information




學期日期 Academic Year


1.            第一學期 (秋季班):每年9月初至1月中

2.            第二學期 (春季班):每年2月初至6月底

3.            學期期間為寒暑假


 One academic year has two semesters

1.             The first semester (Fall semester) begins around the early of September until the middle of January.

2.             The second semester (Spring semester) begins around the middle of February until the end of June.

3.             In beteen are the summer and winter vacation.


修業年限Program Duration

1.            大學部修業年限為4至6年 (8學期至12學期)

2.            碩士班修業年限則為2至4年 (4學期至8學期)


1.            Undergraduate programs must be completed within 4~6 years (8 ~ 12 semesters).

2.            Master programs must be completed within 2~4 years (4 ~ 8 semesters)


教學方式Teaching Methods

1.             大學部主要以講課為主。學生若要獲得學分則有下列幾種方式:小組討論、簡報、讀書報告及考試。攻讀大學學位不需撰寫畢業論文。

2.             研究所的主要授課方式為專題討論、小組討論、研究、專題研究以及實習。研究生必須撰寫畢業論文以取得學位


1.             Most undergraduate programs are lecture-based. Coursework includes group discussions, presentations, study papers and exams. No thesis writing is required for the bachelor’s degree.

2.             Graduate programs are mainly conducted through seminars, group discussions, research and praxis. Graduate students are asked to write a thesis or dissertation as part of their degree.


抵免學分Transfer Credit


The estimated number of transferable credits will be decided by the program department after you submit your application documents. Upon admission to MUST, the number of credits that can be transferred shall be determined by the academic department in which the student has been accepted and Center of General Education for joint courses. If the number of accepted credits is not sufficient, the term of study may not bereduced. Transfer credit decisions are made in accordance with relevant regulations and maynot be changed.