申請流程 Application Procedure


1.         請確認您的身份符合外國學生申請資格

Please make sure that you are eligible to apply as an international student.


2.         確定您欲申請入學別的申請期限



Check the deadline for the semester and program for which you intend to apply.

Fall semester (September incept): March ~ June 30.

Spring semester (February incept ): October ~ November 30.


3.         以依照『申請文件』,準備申請所需文件


Prepare all the required documents with “ Required Documents

Application fee: None


4.         於申請截止日前,使用線上申請入學系統完成申請

Apply for MUST with MUST internation student online application system before the deadline.


5.             確認並完成報名

Complete and submit the application.


6.             審核,必要時得通知申請人補件、接受面談。

Review of applications or enterance exams

If required, applicants will be notified to send further documents or oral interviews.


7.             放榜,




Admission results announcement.

Fall semester : 1st Period, Middle of May2nd Period, Middle of June3rd Period, Middle of July.

Spring semester : 1st Period, Middle of November2nd Period, Middle of December.

You will receive an admission letter from us if your qualifications meet our requirements.




錄取須知Required Documents after Admission

1.         對於已經取得入學通知書的申請者,你可以持入學許可證明到台灣駐外館處辦理學生簽證。

2.         請注意,取得入學通知書不代表你一定可以獲得台灣辦事處核發的學生簽證。若你想知道台灣駐外館處的聯絡方式,請至台灣外交部的網站查詢


1.         Applicants who are admitted to MUST may apply for the VISA by going to Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the country with the admission letter.

2.         Please note that applicants who get admission are NOT guaranteed the VISA to Taiwan. For Taipei Economic and Cultural Office contact information, please visit MOFA’s website: ->Consular Affairs ->Embassies and Missionsabroad.