獎學金 Scholarship


1.      學雜費減免獎學金

2.      生活補助獎學金

3.      優良華語文獎學金,新台幣20,000/學期,提供4學期


MUST scholarships

1.      Full Tuition waiver scholarship.

2.      Living Expenses Scholarship.

3.      Elite Mandarin Scholarship (NT$20,000/ semester for 4 semesters)



學雜減免獎學金 生活補助獎學金

Full Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Living Expenses Scholarship.



1.        申請大學部者:高中在學成績總平均七十分(GPA2.5)以上且行為無不良紀錄者


2.        申請中文授課者:華語文能力測驗高階級以上

       申請英文授課者:TOEFL IBT 47, TOEIC 550 or IELTS 4.0


1.        For bachelor degree: Average mark is 7.0 or 70 or 2.5 GPA and without any record of misconducts ;

       For Master degree : Average mark is 7.5 or 75 or 3.0 GPA and without any record of misconducts

2.        For Chinese-taught program applicant: TOCFL level 4 ;

       For English-taught program applicant: TOEFL IBT 47, TOEIC 550 or IELTS 4.0.



Elite Mandarin Scholarship (NT$20,000/ semester for 4 semesters) 





1.        中文為母語

2.        華語文測驗成績達進階級以上

3.        於本校或他校華語文中心研修期間獲得成績等同於華語文測驗成績達進階級以上

4.        其他證書等同華語文能力進階級以上


       The applicant who can meet the one of following criteria are eligible for this scholarship


1.        Chinese as native language.

2.        TOCFL Level 3 or above.

3.        Test results identified by MUST or other Chinese language center as equivalent to TOCFL Level 3 or above

4.        Other certificate  equivalent to TOCFL Level 3 or above.




If applicants accept the scholarship offered by MUST, have the obligation of fulfilling the requirements on teaching assistant regulated by the office of International Affairs.



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