申請資格 Entry Requirements


1.         外國學生資格  International Students Entry requirements

Minghsin University of Science and Technology welcomes students with a range of qualifications from all over the world. Entry requirements vary according to the program of study, so it is important that you make sure you are eligible to apply as an International Student.


Our entry requirements abide by the “MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan.”.Read them carefully before you apply. Violation of any of the above-mentioned regulations will result in immediate cancellation of the applicant’s admission, the deprivation of the applicant’s recognized status as a NTU registered student, or revocation of the applicant’s NTU diploma. No academic certificate will be given.


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MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan



International students with a high school diploma are eligible to apply for undergraduate studies at MUST; Bachelor’s degree for Master’s programs;


2.         外國轉學生資格  International Transfer Students Entry requirements


a.       修業滿兩學期者,可申請各學系二年級

b.      修業滿四學期者,可申請各學系二年級或三年級



International students who have studied at a university overseas and who meet the transfer student admissions requirements under the Ministry of Education (MOE) Regulations Regarding the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Academic Credentials for Institutions of Higher Education may apply to enter the appropriate year of undergraduate study.

a.       International students who have completed two semesters of study may apply to enter MUST as a sophomore.

b.      International students who have completed four semesters of study may apply to enter this MUST as a sophomore or junior.


抵免學分Transfer Credit


The estimated number of transferable credits will be decided by the program department after you submit your application documents. Upon admission to MUST, the number of credits that can be transferred shall be determined by the academic department in which the student has been accepted and Center of General Education for joint courses. If the number of accepted credits is not sufficient, the term of study may not be reduced. Transfer credit decisions are made in accordance with relevant regulations and may not be changed.


英制高中中學四年或五年學歷 (Form 4 or Form 5)

英制高中中學四年(Form 4)或五年學歷 (Form 5) 申請入學者,於原課程外需增修畢業學分。其增修畢業學分之科目由系所另行訂定之。

Applicant who graduated from Form4 or Form 5 System(High school of British system of 4 or 5 years) and apply to enter MUST, need to earn more credits.The course profile will be arranged by each department.