文件 Application Documents

一定要繳納報名費嗎? Is the application fee compulsory?
我只有一份成績單正本,所以不能寄給您。我可不可以改寄影本? I have only one copy of the original transcript, can I send a photocopy to you instead?
我的學校可以直接把我的成績單寄給你們嗎? Is it OK that my school sends my transcripts directly to your office?
什麼是自傳(包含個人背景、申請動機讀書計畫)?有沒有提供任何範例或指導? What is the Autobiography (Including your background, motivations and study plan etc.)? Is there any guideline offered?
我已經工作一陣子了,我需要繳交任何上級給我的工作評鑑嗎? I have been working for a long time. Do I need to submit any evaluation of job performance from my supervisors?
如果我就讀期間的主要費用來源是獎學金,我要怎麼準備財力證明? How do I prepare the financial statement when my major financial support will actually be the scholarships?
申請入學,我需不需要去參加任何英語或中文能力檢定考試? Is there any requirement of English or Chinese proficiency test?
我的正式文件皆不是以中文或英文書寫(包括我的畢業證書,成績單正本,和財力證明書…等),我可不可以用不是中文或英文的文件申請入學? My documents are not written in English or Chinese (official diploma, original transcripts and financial statement…etc). Can I use them to apply for MUST.
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