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1.         學生可於剛入境時於機場出境大廳處之電信公司憑護照即可申辦易付卡門號及手機。

2.         若於機場外之電信公司或行號辦理易付卡則需要以下文件:

a.         居留證

b.        年滿二十歲並本人到場辦理

c.         護照

d.        親友擔當保證人

3.         若學生欲辦理月付式行動電話門號也可,所需文件及規定同辦理易付卡,唯各家電信公  司現行之規定之一為「必須簽約二年,不得解約」違約者須罰3000~5000元不等之違約金。若學生之同學擔任國際學生之保證人,若國際學生已先行離境,保證人可能須負法律責任而必須支付違約金。








You can apply for a prepaid mobile number with a passport at the telecom company     near the airport lobby.

If you try to apply at somewhere else, you will need to following documents

1.         ARC.

2.         Be 20 and apply by your own.

3.         Passport.

4.         A guarantor from Taiwan.

If you want to apply for an ordinary phone number, (the kind which send you the bill     every month) it needs the same documents like the prepaid phone, but you need to     sign a two years contract with the telephone company, if you try to terminate the     contract early, you will need to pay $3,000NTD~$5,000NTD for breaking the contract. If you leave the country, the guarantor will have to pay.


The phone number of different telecom company and website

Chunghwa telecom0800-080-090

Taiwan Mobile0809-000-852


Asia Pacific Telecom: 0800-050-982