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全民健康保險 National Health Insurance (NHI)






National Health Insurance

According to National Health Law, Article 10, Item 2, and Article 11, Item 1 of Taiwan, international students staying in Taiwan for at least 4 months and holding Alien Residence Certificates (ARC) are eligible for and shall enroll in the National Health Insurance (NHI) Program. Students will have to pay the insurance premium during the registration each semester. The insurance fee for students enrolled in NHI is NT$4,494 per semester or NT$749 per month (the premium rate is subjected to change).


If the student have NHI card, the registration fee of each clinic and hospital are varies. It can be cost from $100NTD~$150NTD, and for the hospital can be cost maximum $300NTD. This registration fee is not the total price youll have to pay, it will cost more depends on the medication you take and examination.


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