住宿 Housing





1.         每月辦理慶生活動。

2.         民俗節日關懷活動(端午包粽、秋節烤肉、冬至吃湯圓、耶誕傳心)。

3.         疾病送醫:協助疾病緊急送醫及照顧。



1.         竹北租屋網:

2.         林媽媽租屋:

3.         福爾摩沙租屋網:

4.         中時租屋:

5.         崔媽媽基金會:


Dormitory in Campus

The Housing Center can help you dealing with the dormitory problems or some related situations.

There are 6 dormitory buildings, provide more than 2000 beds for apply. There is room for 2 people, and 4 people. Each dormitory has set a studying room and leisure lounge. Equip with LCD TV, kitchen, washing machine and internet connection. To enhance the safety of the students, we have dormitory assistant to help on all the daily life matters. For the implementation of student autonomy, student hostels Committee set up an autonomous organization responsible for organizing activities, setting up the Convention in dormitory, help the boarders and to know their needs. Help to solve and deal with all the problems and situation of the boarders.

Dormitory Caring Activities

1.         Monthly Birthday Celebration

2.         Folk Festival Caring Activities (Dragon Boat festival, Moon Festival, Winter Solstice, Christmas, etc.)

3.         Hospital transfer: Help to transfer emergency sickness or injury.

House Renting Information (Outside Campus)

Web Link

1.         302look.coml

2.         You Mama Rent House Net

3.         Formosa House

4.         Cti House Chinatimes

5.         Tsuei MaMa Foundation for housing and community service