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In the year 1965, a group of important scholars decided to devote what they had at hand respectively and made it into a name brand school to prepare appropriate manpower during industrialization of Taiwan in the 70s. In July of that year the blueprint of the school took its form, and in October the Board of Directors was established. Dr. Lee Hong-Chao was appointed the first President of Minghsin Institute. On 1966 March the 1st, the institute took its launch only with three departments respectively: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Industrial Management. Same year August, Electrical Engineering was added. In 1967, Chemical Engineering took its place. In October of 1970, 2-year Mechanical and Electronic Engineering junior college programs were installed. In 1989, International Trade and Business Administration Departments were on the list. In the same year, the school changed its official name into “Minghsin Institute of Technology & Commerce”. In August of 1992, Management of Information System Department was set up.





In July of 1997, Ministry of Education passed the vote and Minghsin became “Institute of Technology”, appending 2-year & 5-year junior college programs. Afterwards, within a span of four years, Hotel Management, Children Education and Development, Leisure Industrial Management, and Gerontology Departments were all fixed into the panorama. With which, Minghsin became the first institute ever in Taiwan to set up Service Industry Studies in universities. In 2002 August, it officially became Minghsin University of Science and Technology (MUST), having Industry, Management, Service Study, Humanities and Social Sciences Groups - 9 graduate programs and 21 departments. Number of students in the same year reached its peak at 15,000 historically. Alumna and alumnus were over 80,000 all over the world and several were prominent industry entrepreneurs already.


MUST is located in a picturesque town of Xinfeng in Hsinchu County, enjoying her 36 hectares of beautiful campus. Today there are approximately 14,200 students and currently more than 170 international students from Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, China, Thailand, Philippines, etc. With the campus being neighboring the Hsinchu Science Park, the Industrial Park, and many other essential industrial parks in Taiwan, MUST is one of the best schools for students to learn professional knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies. The beautiful campus is excellent for students to cultivate professional skills as well as enjoying the learning process. Now-a-days, MUST has become a modern and sophisticated university; “MUST enjoy learning!” has become a slogan that precisely describes the campus life of our students.


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